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Think Global Act Local 2009

UPDATE: BEAN raised $16,000 for Roses and Rosemary at its first TGAL event, the Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction, on Aug. 6!
Get a look at the first few photos here:
Keith Russell Photography
Nathan Yee Photography

BEAN's Think Global Act Local campaign each year zeroes in on a precise international cause. This year, BEAN has chosen to support HIV-positive orphans in Africa.

According to the most recent UNAIDS report, there are 33 million people living with HIV worldwide, 23 million, or 67 percent, of whom reside in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Approximately 12 million children in the region have lost one or both of their parents because of AIDS, and the number of children orphaned by the epidemic continues to rise.

Anti-retroviral medication works to slow down the reproduction of HIV in the body and thus prevents AIDS from occurring. People can live long, healthy lives while on this treatment.

Children infected with HIV are much less likely to receive anti-retroviral treatment than adults.

BEAN's partnership

In this fundraising and awareness campaign, BEAN is working with local nonprofit Roses and Rosemary, which provides funding for medication for those children, “the neediest of the needy.” Roses and Rosemary makes a big impact on a small budget; $45 buys a month’s supply of medicine for one African orphan.

The nonprofit's mission is to save the lives of HIV orphans in Africa. It raises funds from around the world as a virtual charity, recruiting and empowering people to run virtual fundraisers.

Making a difference

Roses and Rosemary focuses its resources on providing anti-retroviral treatments. It
currently supports children in South Africa and Zimbabwe and has begun to reach into other areas in southern Africa. By 2010, the group hopes to be operating in four African countries, including Uganda and Rwanda.

The organizations in Africa that receive donations from Roses and Rosemary are carefully screened, and these partners then provide the children the direct care and medication that they require.

Roses and Rosemary raises funds through donations, special events and by enabling people to raise funds for HIV orphans on its behalf though the Plates for Orphans, Weddings for Hope, Yard Sales for Hope and Endorphins for Orphans fundraising programs.

Because of Roses and Rosemary's virtual, volunteer and low-cost operations, approximately 95 percent of all funds raised are sent directly to Africa.

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