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Networking 101 for the 21st Century, aka How Not to Come Across as an Idiot
Want to get started with volunteering and networking today? Find your local chapter and join BEAN! As a young professional, a large percentage of you most likely still don't see the value of networking. You might think "I am incredibly awesome, so people should make the effort to meet ME!" Well,...
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Society = Morning Commuter Bus
I gave up my car a couple of months ago, and now I commute via bus for work. After 60 days of cramming myself everyday onto a packed King County Metro Bus #358 full of groggy people, I have come to the realization that an early morning commuter bus is the perfect microcosm for the society at lar...
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Volunteering, DOs and DON'Ts
Maybe you are finally tackling your new year's resolutions or maybe you have been giving back all along, but you are ready to head out to a volunteering project. Easy, right? I can show up whenever and do a much as I want, since you are not getting paid, right? They should be happy that you have...
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Living a Double Life: Balancing a For-Profit Job and a Nonprofit Aspiration
Is it possible to have your money cake and eat your fulfillment cake, too? Yeah, you betcha! Most people feel like pursuing growth in a for-profit career means that there is no way to find the type of fulfillment and meaning typical in a nonprofit venture. I would like to offer myself as an ex...
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BEAN There, Blog That
July, 2011 What is Fair? - July 21, 2011 June, 2011 This is An Open Call for Leaders - June 28, 2011 Why I Joined BEAN @ Shanghai - June 10, 2011 May, 2011 Changes in Latitudes, Continuing Gratitude - May 18, 2011 April, 2011 BEAN Blast: Quarterly Global Update - April 1, 20...
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Random Acts of Paying It Forward: Give a Stranger 10 Bucks Day
How would you manage your finance differently if you lost your source of income? For millions of Americans and countless others around the world, this is not a hypothetical question. You might cut back on going to the movies. You might cook meals in bulk to stretch over multiple meals. You might...
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Tweeting Alone
Like many of the smartphone and social media out there, one of the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to check my Facebook news stream on my trusty Blackberry. Usually, it's filled with links to fun stories, latest life updates, etc. When I tapped onto Facebook yesterday morning th...
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The Value of Laziness
What are you doing? Yes, you. You, who's reading this blog post right now on your glowing screen. Are you working right now? (Seriously, leave a comment.) Depends on your evaluation of what you are currently doing, a lot can be discerned about your attitude toward work and leisure. There is a...
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