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Recruiting and Being Recruited

Recruiting and Being Recruited

Coming to our BEAN Pink Slip Party? This is a casual event but we still want everyone to be on their game as well as attendees to be familiar with recruiters and recruiters to be aware of the diverse talent we have in BEAN.  If you’re a recruiter and want to skip to recruiter info, click here.

Being Recruited

Here are some general tips and tricks specifically about being an attendee of a recruiting event. If you want to check out our previous networking blog, please click here.

  • Come with a goal in mind. Is your goal to find a new job or explore another career option? Or do you just want someone to review your resume and give you some advice? Maybe you just want to work on your elevator pitch? 
  • Know how to present yourself based on your goal and make it pretty clear. If you want to find a new job, make sure that’s part of your introduction and your pitch. If you’re only looking for some advice or help, adjust your approach.
  • What’s your superpower? Think about what makes you special or a unique skillset you have that distinguishes you.  You should be confident but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. No one likes a braggart. Keep your ego to skills ratio in check.
  • Bring an updated resume.  Even better, come with a couple of different resumes with different focus areas if you’re looking for two different types of jobs. For example, a social media strategy marketing resume versus a project management based resume.
  •  Have fun at the event and network. You may meet great people who can offer advice, support, contacts or help you with a certain skill or requirement beyond folks who can actually hire you. This is a casual event where we want to facilitate a warm atmosphere.
  • It’s okay to follow up, but it’s not okay to be a nag. It’s always a good practice to send a thank you note or email a recruiter you have had a lengthy discussion with and follow up on next steps, if it seems like your discussion went down that path. However, don’t bombard a poor recruiter with a barrage of emails or add them as a Facebook friend when you don’t know them very well.
  • If you met someone who is not a recruiter, it’s NOT okay to email them asking them for a job bluntly.  You can invite them out to coffee to discuss what their industry is like or to follow up on a discussion you have had, but not everyone is a hiring manager. Gauge your discussion and be specific on what you’d like the follow up to be, rather than to surprise someone in email afterwards. For example, if you ask me, Ann Vu, personally for a job opportunity at Microsoft and I barely know you, I’ll just point you to http://careers.microsoft.com/.   I’m a helpful person and would be happy to discuss certain things (like what it’s like to get your PMP certification) but I can’t hire anyone.

Recruiters who have confirmed

This list will be updated regularly to reflect additional recruiters. We had additional recruiters who had initially confirmed and we’re double-checking before listing them here.

Please check the recruiters’ and hiring managers’ websites for detailed information on what these organizations are looking for and specific roles.

  •   Blab – A Facebook SMB app that doubles ad performance. Blab improves advertising effectiveness by predicting category trending topics and executing relevant content and targeting.
  • Exsilio Solutions - Exsilio Solutions is a full service marketing and technology company specializing in digital marketing, software development and virtualization. Every individual at Exsilio was hired for their intellect, teamwork, and their eagerness to deliver beyond our client's expectations.
  •    Improcap - Improcap is a technical staffing, consulting and services company serving small and medium businesses across Washington state. Software is a passion at Improcap, but it's what software can do for people that really matters. It takes great people to make world-class programs and implement them in life-changing ways. We are about bringing people and technology together. 
  •    Innovations IQ - InnovationsIQ is a young recruiting, placement and one of the fastest growing end-to-end information technology services and solutions firm. Unlike the other recruitment agencies, our primary goal is to fill the gap between traditional consulting / recruiting process and consultant’s expectations. We pride ourselves in connecting talented candidates to custom fit growth opportunities with a dedicated one-on-one service. In short we create personnel connections personally….
  • Lab 8 Ventures
  •    MAQ Consulting– Connecting the world’s biggest brands with creative, marketing and technical communicators.
  •    Pariveda Solutions - Pariveda is a technology consulting firm and we are hiring at all levels.  In short, we hire highly analytical technologists who enjoy solving problems and interacting with clients.  We like developers who are passionate about what they do, like working with a variety of programming languages, and want career advancement.
  •   Vaco - Vaco matches the strongest accounting, financial, IT and administrative professionals with the unique project and permanent needs of our clients - simple in theory, difficult in execution. 
  • Wave Broadband - Wave Broadband is a leading provider of video, internet and phone services on the West Coast, serving customers in communities in Western Washington, Oregon, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area.


BEAN has amazing members with valuable skills and experiences.  We would love to help foster connections so you can recruit great talent and so our members can evolve their careers. 

BEAN members have varied careers and we have some aggregated demographic information for some of our members. Some BEAN members have chosen to list their employers on our site and of those members, their top current employers are:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Boeing
  3. Self-employed
  4.  UW
  5.  Amazon
  6. T-Mobile
  7.  Nordstrom
  8.  Expedia
  9. Deloitte
  10. Windermere

Note:  BEAN members list their employers in an open input field so there were variations in terms of company names (e.g. The Boeing Company vs Boeing vs Boeing Co). We tried to account for this but there may be some variation.

The top job titles for BEAN members who have chosen to list their job titles are:

  1. Program Manager
  2. Engineer
  3. Owner
  4. Consultant
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Realtor
  8. Account Executive
  9. Attorney
  10. Financial Advisor

Note:  Many BEAN members choose not to disclose their job titles and disclosed titles may vary (e.g. developer vs. software engineer or senior program manager vs. program manager) which mean they may not be accurately represented in this report.

We hope you enjoy the diverse, talented and fun people you meet at this event and would love to hear back from you following the BEAN Pink Slip Party if your visit was successful and you were able to hire and place some talent!




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