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BEAN Seattle Blog

Occupy a State of Mind

As the world watches the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations (and its offshoots such as Occupy Seattle, Occupy London, etc.), it begs the question: is this something that is ephemeral or is this something that represents a foundational change in how people, especially young people, want the systems of the world to function.

Many news outlets have spoke about how the groups seem to be "leaderless". More keen observers are noting the usage of social media and spontaneous organizational tools such as the human microphone are uncannily similar to how mass movements such as the recent "Arab Spring" are organized. If young people around the world, regardless of class, income, locale, culture and religion are all using technology and passion to attempt a new form of participatory democracy.

As traditionally hierarchal and formal organizations as corporations, community groups, governments and churches are all being challenged inside and out to become more personal, more honest and more egalitarian, young professionals need to occupy the right state of mind and ensure that whatever new systems that emerge from this chaotic time will be gentle, forward-thinking, future-proof and open to continuous changes and improvements, like any flexible platforms ought to be.

BEAN is but a small part of this new technology-enabled young people movement that will help shape the new world. Are you occupying this state of mind already?

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