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Who you're helping: Solange's Story

You can help change lives. Here is the story of one life and how it's already been changed with the promise of a future.

We hope you have already purchased your ticket to this year’s Date Auction next week. It will be an incredibly fun event but who are you helping really? We’ve provided you with a bunch of great facts so far and will provide you some fun next week but now we want you to have a story.

We’d love to introduce you to Solange, one of the students at Gashora Girls Academy. Solange visited Seattle recently where she got her first taste of ice cream and told us that she dreams of being a doctor and that her favorite school subjects are physics and chemistry.

She embodies why educating girls in developing countries is so incredibly important to help end poverty, hunger, AIDS and ignorance.

This is Solange's speech and story that she shared with us at the TGAL kickoff event this year:

·         My name is Solange Musabyimana and I am 17 years old.  I am a student at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology.  I come from Rwanda in the Northern Province in Burera District.  I am studying English and am learning, so please have patience with my accent. 

·         I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. We live with our mum.  I’m not the first born, but I am the first one to go to secondary school in my family.  The others did not have a chance to go to school because my mom cannot pay the school fees. As I mentioned above, I am a student at Gashora Girls Academy, but before I came to GGA, I was in a school called Maranyundo Girls school.  

·         When I was at Maranyundo, I heard about the school in Gashora and how it will work.  I liked the school even though I didn’t know much about it.  But I was so afraid about school fees and I said oh, that school is for the nice students with money and what can I do? 

·         After the national exam I went home and I had confidence that I would pass, but my mom told me that even if I pass I will not be able to go to school because she does not have the money. I cried and cried because no one could pay my school fees. The results came out and I performed well and was in the top group of students.

·         I was so excited when I heard that Gashora Girls Academy had called my school and said there was a spot for me with a full scholarship.  My mom was so happy and my whole family was so excited to know that I was going to study.

·         I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t get a spot at Gashora Girls Academy.  I love to study and I could not imagine sitting at home without school. 

·         There are so many reasons why I love Gashora Girls Academy.  My dream for the future is to become a doctor.  GGA is a wonderful school.  They have the most special teachers and all the materials like laboratories, classes, a library, a computer lab, sports and clubs which will help me achieve my dreams.

·         The reason why I want to be a doctor in my future is because my country needs more doctors to care for the people.  I am here (in the US) right now because I needed surgery on my leg that I was not able to get in Rwanda.  In the future in my country, I hope to be a doctor so people can get good care in their own country and not have to travel so far as I did.

·         Although I have had fun here in the United States and eating ice cream for the first time! Another one of my dreams is to discover new cures and medicines to help with illness. I thank Soozi and Shal (from Rwanda Girls Initiative) for their good hearts and good idea they had to start a beautiful school for girls in Rwanda.   The chance you are giving to the girls of Rwanda will help my country to fulfill all of it dreams.

·         My country has had many struggles, but we are trying to make it a place full of opportunities.  And I want to thank all of the people who helped the school from the building until now.  If all of the girls from my school could be here right now they would want me to tell you thank you for giving them this beautiful place to learn and for believing in them.

·         I appreciate so much from my heart Soozi and Shal and all of their family and friends who accepted to prepare everything for me so that I can be able to be treated very well and trying to save my leg.  Thank you for what you have done for me by giving me a scholarship to GGA.  You have given me hope and the chance to be doctor some day and thank you for what you have done for all of my country.

Thank you a lot and God bless you.

Thank you so much for listening to my story. 

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