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BEAN Seattle Blog

BEAN Seattle in the Blogosphere

What’s up with this Internet thing? We heard it wasn’t a dump truck….

Well, thanks to the magic of our developer geniuses at BEAN HQ, BEAN Seattle is in the Blogosphere now and we’re thrilled to be able to share our thoughts, ideas, information and stories with you!

We’ll be able to provide details about what’s going on with our TGAL efforts, benefitting Rwanda Girls Initiative, updates of our past BEAN Scholarship recipients, profiles of members and officers, information about events and random Deep Thoughts that our officers would like to share.

We’ll also cover some FAQ’s that we get such as, “How young are young professionals in your group anyways? Am I too old?”, “Where does the money you guys raise go to?” and “Why should I care?”

No, chances are you’re probably not too old. You’re awesome.  And you should care. But we’ll cover that in another blog post. Subscribe to the RSS feed.


The BEAN Seattle Officers


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