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BEAN was founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA and is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization focused on building friendships around charitable causes.

That means we bring young people together—young people who care about making a positive difference in the world. Then we give them easy and fun ways to enact positive change through local volunteering and global charity initiatives. 

We emphasize true friendship because it provides cohesive support for our charity initiatives and for each other. We truly do motivate, encourage and have fun in the process!

The big picture goal is to for our members to gain rewarding experiences and close friends while the community receives a tight-knit group of volunteers and global collaboration.

If you are interested in more information about BEAN in your own city, please see here.



BEAN now has over 10,000 members, with 22 chapters around the globe.

Our activities vary from volunteering at the local food bank to playing softball. Members also devote their time to two over-arching annual initiatives: Think Global Act Local (TGAL) and the Scholarship campaign.  

TGAL is an annual education and fund-raising campaign, where BEAN members from around the globe rally around a single cause and partner with a local organization to support that goal.

To date, BEAN's Think Global Act Local (TGAL) campaigns have raised about $75,000 to help fight these world issues: 


  • ·    Microfinance
  •      AIDS Orphans
  •      Clean Water
  •      Darfur Genocide 
  •      Child Soldiers
  •      Obstetric Fistula